modern Mezuzah case

modern Mezuzah case

Mezuzah case

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A Mezuzah case in modern geometric Judaica style, made of white ceramic . A contemporary wedding gift, or a final touch to your home decor.

This contemporary Judaica Mezuzah design is inspired by Origami - We fold paper Origami models, the geometric design accepted translated to ceramic molds.

Materials: White ceramic, transparent glaze with 24K gold painted 'Shi'n'.
Handmade in Israel.

Measures: 3cm X 15cm X 2cm h (1.2 " X 5.9 " X 0.8" h)
The mezuzah case Fits a 10cm (4") scroll (not included)


modern Mezuzah case
Mezuzah case design
mezuzah design - home decor