A little shop of dreidels- 3D print a gi

Hanukkah is in a month and we've just opened a little shop of dreidels, Our new design of Matryoshka dreidel is available in many colors, isit our 3D shop at Shapeways.com marketplace, choose a color, and order it now,

to have it delivered until Hanukkah (processing and shipping takes 12 days).

Matryoshka dreidel is a set of 3 Hanukkah spinning tops, designed as a series, one inside the other.

They spin perfect from the large one to the smallest.

This is the first item we've designed for our brand new little shop of 3D printed object.... (read full post)


8 nights - 8 Hanukkah designs

Hanukkah is the coolest holiday! Hanukkah Menorah design is inspirational, it seems like artists and designers knew it since ever, that's why this original Judaica item has always been redesigned and re invented

As modern Judaica designers, we have designed Menorahs and dreidels. We asked ourselves - why we love Hanukkah so much? Exceptional from other Jewish holidays - Hanukkah is a festival of minimum preparation and bother, an maximum fun and lights, no need to... (read full post)


Judaica +Tangram = Reinventing ritual ob

Keeping on reinventing ritual objects, Studio Armadillo launched lately the 'Tangram' set of serving trays.

This play full set of geometric mahogany dishes functions as a Seder plate - a ceremonial tableware used on Passover night, to serve and display symbolic foods, commemorating the exodus. 'Tangram' seder plate adds a sense of imagination and humor to the Seder table and Invites the reclines to play with this ever changing object, and enjoy the many options to arrange it on the table.

Promise- all kids will stay awake till Afikoman time with this fun and cool Seder plate

But- why not using it on Rosh-haShanah - the Hebrew new years day? serve the symbolic foods of... (read full post)


Modern Mezuzah - Judaica design

Modern Mezuzah - Judaica for design lovers

Choosing a contemporary Mezuzah design is an inspiring experience, it connects our modern lifeoldstyle to ancient Jewish tradition and Hebrew culture.

Studio Armadillo's collection of ceramic Mezuzah cases allows you to match the design of the Mezuzah case you install in a room to its colors and materials. The colors of the Mezuzah case you choose can fit the view reflected out of doorways.

we keep on producing Mezuzah cases in new colors and designs, our aim is to offer a new interpretation to Judaica... (read full post)


Prof. Ada Yonath and Studio Armadillo Me

Prof. Ada Yonath and Studio Armadillo Menorah design

Prof. Ada Yonath received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009. Is this a personal achievement or a national one? Is her scientific ambitionprivate, or is it in fact a model for girls to follow en route towards women empowerment? The Education Committee of the Knesset chose to give Prof. Yonath a token of gratitude for her achievements: a Hanuka Menorah from the Communicating vessels series, designed by Studio Armadillo .

We were excited to receive an order for the Menorah from the Knesset. First, we were happy that a design of ours received recognition from the State of Israel for. Also, it is a great... (read full post)


Mezuzah design, a story for Hanukkah

Recently a blind friend of ours came over for a visit. Out of force of habit he reached his hand in order to kiss the Mezuzah and was amazed. "What's that beautiful thing?" He asked us to pack some mezuzahs, one for each door in his newly renovated apartment. They were ceramic mezuzahs, part of our Judaica design series inspired by the art of folding paper and it was one of the most special and surprising compliments we got in more than 10 years we are designing contemporary Judaica. We remember this story now, in Hanukkah, which has become a holiday of awareness of blind people. Our friend, Avichay shelly, talks regularly about his life... (read full post)


coming soon- a new series of contemporar

we are quite busy and excited recently, with our new ceramic contemporary Judaica peices. The design of this series is inspired by the art of paper folding, the sketches and concepts were actually designed in ... Paper. Ossi, the ceramicist helps us translate our ideas into ceramic products

Ossi's studio located in a very cool place, in the heart of Bezalel street in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Center of Design. A visit there is recommended http://www.jcd.org.il/

... (read full post)


3D Branding, a kept promise

Clay pots, waterskins, glass bottles, massive oil containers, tiny vials of precious perfumes, the Coca Cola bottle, the upside down ketchup bottle – the bottle shaped swan, or the… swan shaped bottle. So many shapes, materials, needs and functions.

Throughout the years, we have witnessed transformations in customers' needs and demands. The rate at which packages change is more rapid than the pace of innovations within the products themselves, for not every day is a beverage like Coca Cola, or a patent for tearless shampoo is invented. Here is where efforts of product differentiation come in, by means of graphic branding, and the three dimensional design of the product's... (read full post)


My First Vibrator

I'd like to tell you about my first vibrator - that is, the first one I ever designed. It was first introduced on the fall of 2008 at "Venus, Berlin's largest erotic expo. And thanks to my design the Israeli flag was raised alongside other countries' flags at the entrance to the expo for the first time!

One year earlier a woman named Hamutal called the studio, and requested to meet us regarding a routine matter - designing a product. Only she made sure to point out during our phone conversation that the product in question was a sex accessory, making sure we were... (read full post)


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