Passover Seder plate

Passover Seder plate

Passover Seder plate

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This Tangram Seder plate is a playful Passover night article, it will add a sense of imagination and humor to the Seder table! A contemporary Judaica gift in modern geometric style.

Invite your guests to play with this ever changing Seder plate, and enjoy the endless options to arrange it on the table.

** Promise- all kids will stay awake till Afikoman time with this fun and cool Seder plate :)

Tangram Passover Seder plate consist of 7 parts, designed as a multi-functional modular tableware, it is a new way to celebrate the Holiday of Pesah

The big square tray can hold the smaller parts, as well as function as a Matzah tray.
Six smaller trays, in different sizes and shapes holds the symbolic foods of the Passover night of Seder.

Handmade in Israel
Material: Mahagony wood
Surface finish: non toxic safty varnish

Parts and measures of Tangram seder plate::

1 big square tray: 24X24x3h cm (9.6''X9.6''X1.2''h)
2 medium triangle trays: 11X22x2h cm (4.4''X8.8X0.8''h)
4 small triangle trays: 7.5X15.5x2h cm (3''X6.2''X0.8''h)

Passover Seder plate
Seder plate design
Passover Seder plate
Passover Seder plate